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MAPLE EXIMS is a Canadian export-import trading house with a commitment to service and quality. It seeks to engage in worldwide trade, counter-trade and investments. Its professional staff is extensively experienced in key aspects of domestic and international trading.


Maple Exims focus comprises of two key divisions:


Industrial Goods


Light Industrials division deals with import and export business in High Precision Equipment, Optical Instruments, Primary and Fabricated Metal Products, Medical and Control Instruments, Medical Equipment and Supplies, Agricultural, Construction & Industrial Machinery, Power Transmission Equipment, Ventilation, Heating, Air-Conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Household & Electrical Appliances and Components, Wood & Paper Products.


Consumer Non-Perishables


Consumer Non-perishables Division trades in Flour Milling and Malts, Vegetable Fats and Oils, Breakfast Cereals, Bakery Products, Cookie, Cracker and Pasta Products, Snack Foods, Flavouring Syrup and Concentrates, Seasoning and Dressings, Giftware & Crafts

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